British Wrestling is at an all-time high

As we all know, British wrestling is becoming a breakthrough already in 2017, and here’s what I think about it.

Recently, I went to an ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling) Fight Club taping at Southampton’s Engine Rooms and it really made me think – British wrestling is really taking off.

Now, I am not saying that it has never taken off before, but especially this year it’s gotten huge. In my opinion, this is all down to WWE’s United Kingdom Championship Tournament. I remember when me and my boyfriend were sitting and watching the championship on the WWE Network and all we could think was ‘Woah, this is actually happening’.

So many of those men really made their mark on the industry, especially when it comes to WWE. Right now, Trent Seven and WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate have just had a Championship match on NXT – and God, was it amazing. The amount of tension and ‘are they actually going to hit each other?’ moments that were going through my head made for an amazing match, especially at the end when the two shared a caring moment for each other. For anybody who doesn’t know, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven (who is now ICW Champion) come together to form tag team ‘Moustache Mountain’. On top of all this NXT madness, the Bruiserweight Pete Dunne will be facing Mark Andrews this week on NXT and boy – am I excited.

I think the best part about seeing Seven vs Bate on NXT was the fact of how over both of the men were in the UK. I remember being wary of whether the United Kingdom Championship would actually take off in the US, but if that NXT crowd was anything to go by – it certainly has.

Before the ICW event I saw live, I had only ever seen WWE live. And if you are reading this and have only ever seen WWE, I highly recommend checking out the indies. It’s such a different atmosphere, and you feel so much more involved – especially when the matches get taken into the crowd, or when the women and men come over and take a swig of your beer. I was stood right at ringside, and I had never been happier while watching wrestling.

Even promotions like Progress Wrestling and WCPW make the whole wrestling circuit here in the UK feel tight-knit. And now WCPW (What Culture Pro Wrestling) are headed to Orlando, which’ll tie in more of the US fans being able to appreciate British wrestling. Being able to watch heel Joe Hendry, our ‘local hero’ on WCPW to seeing him at an ICW show as a baby face, it’s amazing what these wrestlers can pull off between the numerous promotions they’ve all worked for. Special props to former WWE wrestler Drew Galloway, who I can never seem to not see on a poster for any promotion that comes across my eyes.

What are your opinions on British wrestling in the early months of 2017? Let me know!

If you haven’t checked out the WWE United Kingdom Championship, then you definitely should.

Also – here’s a lovely photo of me, my boyfriend and Trent Seven.16640869_1096428503836027_3865265289042419890_n

By Jessie Dodd


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